Heart Stories

The more stories we share, the greater awareness we can spread. This is why I have opened my blog to receive Heart Stories from survivors. My hope and their’s with sharing these stories is not just to leave you moved by the struggles they faced and the triumphs they made but to also give you knowledge. Most cardiac events can be prevented and early diagnosis can save lives.

Your knowledge is power – know your numbers, know the signs and symptoms, be your health advocate.

Heart Stories - Jen Woleslagle-Stone's PPCM Story - Jen and her children

Jen Woleslagle-Stone

After a difficult first pregnancy, Jen had concerns going into her second. She tried everything in her power to make this pregnancy less stressful. Little did she know how much worse this pregnancy would be and the heart issues she would face for the rest of her life. Here is Jen’s story.

Heart Stories - Jessica Grib's PPCM Story - Jessica's family

Jessica Grib

Surviving peripartum cardiomyopathy and experiencing a near-death experience has inspired Jessica Grib to become an advocate for all pregnant women. She is a strong supporter of heart health awareness and hopes to prevent other women from enduring the trauma she faced. Here is Jessica’s story.

Heart Stories - Jamie Onofrio's PPCM Story - Jamie's family

Jamie Onofrio

In the middle of a pandemic, Jamie Onofrio learned the news she never expected to hear as a young newlywed and new mom – she was in heart failure. Luckily, Jamie found a medical professional familiar with PPCM who help saved her life. Jamie’s wish is for all moms to have the opportunity to get early, proper treatment for peripartum cardiomyopathy. Here is Jamie’s story.

Heart Stories - Miranda Marquez's PPCM Story - Family Picture

Miranda Marquez

Miranda Marquez knew something was wrong during her pregnancy but the medical staff did not pay attention to her symptoms. The lack of knowledge about peripartum cardiomyopathy, especially its resemblance to third-trimester pregnancy symptoms, can cost mothers their lives. Here is Miranda’s story.

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