Heart Stories – Nicolette Somers

Heart Stories – Nicolette Somers PPCM Story - Blog Image

Nicolette Somers is one strong momma. Nicolette was overjoyed with the arrival of her first child but soon after his birth, she started experiencing strange symptoms. While she should have been celebrating all of her new baby’s first holidays, Nicolette was alone in a hospital having tests ran on her heart. Ultimately, she would have to face a major life-altering procedure in the middle of a pandemic. Here is Nicolette’s story.

Heart Stories – Taylor Hughes

Heart Stories - Taylor Hughes PPCM Story - Taylor with her children

Like many who face this condition, Taylor Hughes had never heard of peripartum cardiomyopathy – pregnancy-induced heart failure. She thought her only concern going into her second pregnancy was the well being of her son. Unfortunately, shortly after his birth, she was fighting for her life. Here is Taylor’s story.

Heart Stories – Jamie Onofrio

Heart Stories - Jamie Onofrio's PPCM Story - Jamie's family

In the middle of a pandemic, Jamie Onofrio learned the news she never expected to hear as a young newlywed and new mom – she was in heart failure. Luckily, Jamie found a medical professional familiar with PPCM who help saved her life. Jamie’s wish is for all moms to have the opportunity to get early, proper treatment for peripartum cardiomyopathy. Here is Jamie’s story.